Tuesday, May 4, 2010

soda tax part 2

The city mayor and state governor of New York, are strenuously trying to retain on to make sugary drinks a penny per ounce tax as a law. However, based on news articles like NY Times, NY Post, Daily News paper, the disputes are ranging in peoples’ point of view. Some people say that, this tax is just a money grab. Others say, it will make positive differences. In my perspective, this soda tax can significantly make huge amount of differences in terms of health wise and economic wise.

Obesity is one of the highest dilemma New Yorkers are facing. And this obesity is worsening over the time periods. Statistics from healthyamericans.org has shown that adults percentage is 37 and youngsters percentage is 18 in New York. These percentages may soured over time. As mayor Bloomberg has said on the radio broadcast, “ An extra 12 cents on a can of soda would raise nearly $1 billion, allowing us to keep health services open and teachers in classrooms. And, at the same time, it would help us fight a major problem plaguing our children: obesity.” When going outside, you will see overweight people in every turn, especially young overweight students with a can or bottle of highly sugary drinks or energy drinks ,like, Red Bull on their hands. In my class, Eng 101, were in argument about this soda tax, whether this proposal will prevent people from buying sugary drinks. As group 4 were against this soda tax quoted, “ This is nothing, but a money grab.” However, they are ignoring that this tax would help raise billions of dollar funds to pay for health care, especially for those obese people. If government do not do anything, or have control over those consumption industries, than this will go out of hand and it will worsen; when it dose, these industries will produce whatever they like.

And than, there is economic crisis which New Yorkers are confronting with, and it is causing budget deficits as well. The budget deficit in New York has increased from $750 to $8 billion. This budget shortages is causing job losses. In New York Bloomberg is cutting jobs. This soda is going to help this gaps to be fill. Unfortunately, group 4 thinks “it is just a money grab.” Bloomberg said that if this soda bill gets passed it will help many to start to build up the economy.

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