Thursday, March 25, 2010

Burger King harassing teenage employees

There are different types of crimes murdering, stealing, and rubbings and many others. These crimes are committed by typical, normal people. Now, there’s another crime which is labor violation; this crime is not committed by just any particular person; this crime is committed by fast food employers like Burger King, McDanold’s, Taco Bell, and many others, and the victims are teenager employees.

Stated by DOL ( Department of Labor), Burger King was filled a lawsuit in 1988 for violating child labor law by making teenagers work longer hours, according to Washington Post; Associated Press. In “ Fast Food Nation,” Eric Schlosser indicated, “ teenagers open the fast food outlets in the morning, close them at night, and keep them going at all hours in between,” page 68. If these teenagers work from opening to closing with continues work, how can they study? How can they participate in school? Even though these employees still work on weekends, how can they prepare themselves for first day of school? However, there are some who dose it to support their family just to give them extra help and go to school.

I had worked for Burger King for 2 years when I was attending high school. I was in 10th grade. I decided to work to give extra hand to my family, and to earn extra for myself in 2000. At that time, I was 15 years old. I used to work weekends from 3 pm to 9 pm, but I was never able to get home exactly at 9 pm. The manager would keep me until 10:30 pm, closing time. During the extra time, I would continuously work. It wasn’t myself ,only, there were other teenagers who would fall into the same position as I had. I would always get home tired, and worn out that I would reluctant to do my homework and study, but I forced myself into an extension where I would tire myself.

In conlusion,in my believe, the only way to stop this nonsense is to limit the hours to 20 hours per week, and stop harassing and overworking the young employees.

Frank, Swoboda." Burger King sued over child labor." March 9,1990, Friday, city Edition.

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